I Hate Him

Coming in 2018







Book Overview

Brenda and Richard have a twenty year relationship with the normal ebbs and flows. One day Brenda decides that she needs a fresh start. A start without Richard by her side. She want to be her own woman. Without consideration for her current commitments, she goes off to begin again. Brenda will no longer be the victim of shattered dreams and missed opportunities. Regardless of who her decision hurts, she is going for the brass ring. Richard is stunned by her decision but comes to terms with the reality of it all. Their children are shell-shocked but always knew that their mother resented them being born as they kept her in a situation that she did not want to be in. How did this family get to this place? Will Brenda achieve the dreams that have evaded her for so many years? Can Richard move forward without her? Will the children be able to understand their mother’s methods and motivation? When asked why this all occurred all Brenda can say is “I Hate Him.”

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