It all happened on Techwood Drive

Coming in 2018






Book Overview

Louise Schneider is a simple woman trying hard to make a dent in the corporate. She keeps to herself, is hard-working, and destined to be successful. Office politics and other individuals do everything within their means to try and thwart Louise’s efforts to climb the corporate ladder.  Everyone around her hems and haws about fairness, their rights as staff members, and squawk about why they deserve more than their share of corporate success. One day, Louise loses her composure, in a fit of rage she verbally assaults management. The behavior is highly out of character for the quiet amiable being.  Two days later, the very same manager that Louise devoured with words is found dead in a corridor at the complex where she works. The manager has many enemies.  There are only a handful of co-workers that Louise can call friends. They believe she is innocent. Did she do it or could someone else be to blame? The preponderance of the evidence will unveil the culprit.

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