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Thank you for stopping by to view my current books and the ones to come in the near future.  Writing has become near and dear to me.  It took me a little over a year to complete my first work The Confidant Tells.  It has been a long road but now several books in, the enjoyment of storytelling keeps me creating characters that have issues like you and me.   I have always enjoyed mystery/thrillers and crime stories.  My first thriller/suspense book is complete entitled Charlie the Hood Houdini and I await a response from readers.

There is one more installment to be released in my coming of age series, The Adventures of John, James and Jack. The saga will reveal all of the unanswered questions from the first two books. I love this type of series where the teens grow up with every turn of a page. Look for The Adventures of John, James and Jack: Book Three – On My Own in April 2018.

I greatly appreciate all those who have taken the time to explore one of my books or many of them. Your feedback is always welcome and well-received.  Thank you for finding my characters and stories worth your time.

May the joy of reading always give you comfort and satisfaction.


All the best,


Janice Elliott-Howard